Your kids deserve a great education, friends in the neighborhood, great parks and a yard. But you matter too. While kids are often the primary catalyst for a move to Westchester, a speedy commute and amazing quality of life are key for you, the parents.

The Westchester Up Story:

Buying a new home is an emotional process, a pivotal time for you, and your family. As a psychologist and a real estate broker Allison Kahner, PsyD has a unique perspective on finding the right home. When moving from Manhattan, Dr. Kahner researched every Westchester town and neighborhood, including the schools. Neighborhoods and eventually specific houses were evaluated based on the NYC commute as well. The entire family was involved in the process. After 18 months in Scarsdale, Dr, Kahner realized that her skills as a psychologist AND real estate broker are extremely valuable to home buyers considering Westchester.

That’s why you are here.

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Sellers benefit too. They love the dual focus on on families in Manhattan thinking of a move and people moving within Westchester.

You have a choice in Real Estate Brokers.  Choose WestchesterUp.  We go the extra mile(s) to and from NYC!